Alpine Solar Heat and Hot Water is your local source of solar hot water equipment for residential and commercial domestic hot water, space heating, and swimming pool heating.  There is a large inventory of Sunflower brand evacuated tube solar hot water collectors.  Sunflower and Stiebel Eltron controllers are also available.  These items, with current prices shown, are generally not available from the local plumbing suppliers.  Prices shown on this page for items not usually stocked by Alpine Solar are subject to change by the supplier.

Plumbing supply and hardware items, not usually offered by Alpine Solar, are listed on this website for your convenience.  Local hardware and home supply stores can provide these items.

Pick-up or Delivery

Solar hot water equipment is available for pick up in Windsor, Massachusetts.  One SFB304715 collector comes in four 40 pound boxes which can fit into some hatchbacks and small station wagons.  You can also ask for a quote for delivery anywhere in the US and Canada, as well as worldwide.

There is a large inventory of Sunflower collectors stocked at Alpine Solar Heat in Windsor, Massachusetts.  Most of the Sunflower supplies on the Solar Parts List, shown at the end of this page, are available for immediate pickup or delivery.  The equipment from other suppliers may take a week or two to be available.  Prices are subject to change.

Complete Solar Domestic Hot Water System

A list of hardware and building supply items is provided for your convenience, with estimated prices.  Combined with the solar items referenced above, a complete solar domestic hot water system can be designed.

A system assembled with parts from these charts will work with up to 100 feet of 3/4″ copper pipe with a maximum height of 30 feet from the tank to the collector.  Some additional supplies may be required.  The installer is responsible for determining proper application, assembly, overheat protection, flushing, and connection of all safety components.


Solar Parts List:

Items available from Alpine Solar  (Prices subject to change without notice.)
Product Price Notes
Sunflower 30 tube Collector SFB304715 $1,299 limited supply
Sunflower 20 tube Collector SFB204715 $875 limited supply
Sunflower 30 tube Collector SFB305818 $1,699 8 week delivery
Stiebel Eltron Controller SOM6 $215
12 VDC controller $235
12 VDC pump $165
Extra Glass Tube, 47mm, (with heat pipe) $65
Extra Glass Tube,47mm, (without heat pipe) $55
Extra Glass Tube, 58mm, (with heat pipe) $75
Extra Glass Tube,58mm, (without heat pipe) $65
Sunflower tilt mounting bracket for SFB304715 $210
Sunflower tilt mounting bracket for SFB205818 $210
Sunflower tilt mounting bracket for SFB204715 $185 4 week delivery
Sunflower mounting foot with nut and bolt $10
Sunflower mounting foot with nut, bolt, & butyl rubber $20
Roof flashing for 3/4″ pipe penetration $29 three needed
Roof flashing for lag bolt $39
80 gallon dual coil tank, 3 inch insulation $2,299
108 gallon dual coil tank, 3 inch insulation $2,499
3/4″ sweat copper expansion joint $35 between collectors
Propylene Glycol (-100°F; non-toxic) Anti-Freeze $35 per gallon bring your container
PVC clad 3/4″ pipe insulation, 3′ length x 7/8″ i.d. $15
PVC clad elbow for 3/4″ pipe insulation $18
PVC clad “T” for 3/4″ pipe insulation $18
PVC clad 45° for 3/4″ pipe insulation $18
PVC tape 1.5″ x 108″ $17
Electric tankless water heater, Stiebel Eltron Tempra call
Display and Demonstration of Operational Systems No Cost
Assembly Guidance (at Alpine Solar Heat in Windsor, MA) No Cost
Technical Assistance, after purchase (phone or on site) – First Hour No Cost
Technical Assistance (phone or on site) – After First Hour $95 per hour