Photo – Wall Mount

Mounting options include the roof of an existing building, the outside wall, or ground mounting.  There are other mounting choices in addition to those shown on these pages of collector photos from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.

The contact information above or in the sidebar will connect you with the owner of Alpine Solar who can help identify the best mounting option considering your unique location and personal preferences.

Wall mounted collector used at a home on Old Windsor Road in Dalton, Massachusetts. Collector can pivot for seasonal tilt changes.


Wall mounted collectors used for house space heat in Monterey, MA.




Solar Domestic Hot Water and space heat for a home on Sugar Hill Road in Chesterfield, Massachusetts. Eight Sunflower collectors are used to heat an 800 gallon water tank. Additional heat is provided by a gasification wood fired boiler.


Heat and Hot Water at 189 North Street, Windsor, Massachusetts – Photographed after massive ice storm of December 11, 2008; and again after the addition of a 4.55KW photovoltaic array on December 30, 2014.  Solar electric energy will provide for all electrical needs at this location, and there will be enough additional to charge an electric vehicle for 10,000 miles per year.