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Posted on Facebook, in the Windsor, MA group, on 8/13/21.  Windsor is the home town of Alpine Solar, which sold solar hot water equipment for this family home on West Street in Adams, Massachusetts, on 8/15/14.

“Frank Levesque

Stu Besnoff ok definitely, my parents bought a solar water system from you years ago, still going strong!”





Homeowners have different ways to express their gratitude for a finished job.  Although it is easy to communicate digitally, this Pittsfield, Massachusetts customer put more effort into his brief thank you note.  It was nice to receive this hand written page by regular mail.



Solar electricity was provided for a new construction off-grid home in Washington, MA.  Construction started during the fall of 2019, with completion of the electrical system during the spring of 2020.  The system includes a 3 KW photovoltaic array, 16 T-105 batteries, and a 4,400 watt inverter with an automatic generator starting module.

An email was received from the homeowner (who was concerned about fuel for the backup generator) on 7/29/20:

“Rented a floor sander, edger, shop vack pad sander and ran everything all day to sand loft, never once heard the generator come on!! Something working well!!
Again grateful, thanks Stu”


From an email received 7/23/20:

“… testimonial about our experience: working with Stu @Alpine Solar was fantastic. He arrived on time as promised, collaborated with 2 other contractors, and then completed the service. He was thorough, and assessed and corrected the problems we had with our old solar system on our roof. He educated us about our system and future options. His passion and knowledge exceeded our expectations and we hope to have him back to replenish our antifreeze in our system. Highly recommend! Thanks again, Peter … Granby MA”




Email received 1/8/15, from a customer in Peru, Massachusetts:

outdoor temp  -11 at 6AM, solar water coming into washing machine 90 degrees.  I didn’t expect that.  I thought the air temp would lower the amount of hot water.
Email reply sent 1/9/15:
Thank you for the positive feedback.  Each of the thirty tubes in your collector has two layers of glass, with the air removed from the space between the inner and outer glass.  The vacuum lets the solar radiation in, but there are no air molecules to conduct the heat out.  You can expect the performance on a sunny, windy, sub-zero day to be nearly as good as a sunny summer day.

One glass tube was defective, upon arrival. Yes, it was promptly replaced! There were plenty of manuals/instruction booklets and pictures available. I did a self-installation, after looking at the model setup in Windsor, MA. at Stu’s home. (Owner of Alpine Solar) We did purchase the larger of the water storage tanks, and we have plenty of hot water! I would definitely recommend Alpine Solar to others. We’ve got more hot water now, than we’d have imagined! Plus, there’s also some tax incentives available. thank-you! Don’t know why we waited so long!

Blackstone Road, Florida,Mass.

Edward & Lorie
____________________________________________________________________________________________SugarHillRd2sm1                       SugarHillRd1sm
Thanks Stu! Making lots of hot baths with your solar tubes and some extra for the house. Best, Hanno


Sugar Hill Road, Chesterfield,Mass.


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From Facebook:
Stu is always there to help even over year after installation. I would highly recommend Alpine solar to my friends!
June 19 at 6:22am
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Beth: I agree! And it was great to work with someone local whom I trusted. I didn’t feel comfortable with solar until I met and got to know Stu.
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Windsor, MA
Beth and Marcus
Following is a copy of an email received 12/3/14 from a customer on Pleasant Street in Plainfield, Massachusetts:

“Hi Stu,
I’ve been meaning to get back to you after my questions about the panels
last spring. We’ve gotten the pipe configuration redone so we can use the
panels alone. It is working very well. We reconnect and use the gas water
heater only if one of us is taking a shower. Consequently it runs for only
about 15 minutes every other day. We went through the whole summer, even
with a couple of interns showering every day, on solar heat only. The tubes
shed even that thick, heavy snow the other day.
Thank you for your immediate attention to my concerns. I’ve recommended
Alpine Solar to several people. I hope maybe a couple will follow through.”