Extremely Efficient Electric Water Heater


  • From Stiebel Elrtron – a leader in renewable energy
  • Booster or backup when you have solar hot water
  • Lower utility cost when your location is not suitable for solar energy

    If your home or business has a traditional electric water heater, energy is being used to heat a tank of water whether you need it or not.  When you are sleeping, or out of the office, or gone for a long weekend, energy is being wasted to keep the hot water tank up to the set temperature.  If the tank cools, the power comes on to reheat it, even if there is nobody in the building.

    The Stiebel Elrtron TEMPRA water heater has no tank.  Electric power is used ONLY when a hot water faucet is turned on.  As soon as the water flow stops, the use of electric power stops.  Energy will not be wasted when you are sleeping or when the building is unoccupied.

    There are several models to choose from.  The larger models will heat water as fast as it is used in the shower, or two showers!  More information is available at http://www.stiebel-eltron-usa.com/tempra.html.   Use the contact information at the top of this web page to reach Alpine Solar to select the proper size TEMPRA water heater and to obtain the current prices.

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