Solar Electric for Non-Profits

 This section is for non-profits; including houses of worship, private schools, and others.  

      Most solar electric arrays are installed to save money, after the system ‘pays for itself’, and to help the environment.  Although many factors must come together to make PV work for a particular site, non-profits have additional difficulties.  Usually the biggest obstacle preventing non-profit organizations from obtaining a solar electric array is the cost.  Government income tax credits help make PV arrays affordable for individuals who pay income taxes, and for companies which have a profit and tax obligation.  Even if there was a grant for a significant part of the cost, it is likely the non-profit, which struggles with balancing an operating budget, would not be able to obtain the remaining funds necessary for such a capital improvement.  Asking for donations may not be a good option when donors have already maximized their generosity.

    There is a funding concept which results in the non-profit owning the solar equipment after several years, without any major capital expenditure.  You can call or email the contact above for more information.


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